How to set up per form pricing


1. The first step is to open TAX HOUND and click Quick Account Setup

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3. Click Set price as Per Form.

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4. In the Rate field on the form, Enter the price for that form.

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5. Click Save Federal Pricing

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6. Use the filter options, to change between main forms, schedules, others, and worksheets.

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7. For example, If you want to charge to for the SCH C, select Schedules, then enter the per form fee in the Rate field next to Schedule C.

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8. Click Save Federal Pricing

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9. Click Save Federal Pricing

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10. Click Continue To : State Pricing

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11. Click Set Price for all forms in each state.

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12. Click the state drop-down box

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13. Select the state.

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14. In the Rate field on the form, Enter the price for that form.

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15. Click Save State Pricing

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16. Click Continue To : Discount

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17. Click Continue To : Invoice Config

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18. Click Save and Close

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19. That’s it. You’re done.

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Here’s an interactive tutorial—How-to-set-up-per-form-pricing

September 7, 2021
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